Growing Nations
Images of Lesotho

Growing Nations is a Lesotho based charity whose aim is to provide food security for the people of Lesotho and other African Nations. This is achieved through the teaching of Conservation Agriculture (CA) farming techniques which reduce erosion and increase crop yields.

The project has been developed over the past 6 years by Rev. August Basson, Africa Inland Mission (AIM) missionary in Lesotho and has seen many successes. A new base is currently being set up in the more accessible village of Maphutseng in Lesotho where CA training for farmers will be carried out on a much larger scale, enabling them to reach out to a much wider community.

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Barry Mann Photography has been supporting Growing Nations since 2005 by documenting their work, conservation agriculture techniques, soil erosion and the social issues affecting the people in Lesotho. A small(!) selection of these images can be found in the slideshows below whilst other more general Images of Lesotho can be found in the travel section:

Conservation Agriculture

Images of CA techniques, equipment, farming practices and the stunning results achieved.

Soil Science and Erosion

Soil erosion caused by ploughing is a major issue in Lesotho. View examples of this and the geology of the country.

The Team and Partnerships

Meet the Growing Nations team and the many organisations they work with across the world, from the UN to individuals.

Locations and Developments

Images of the Growing Nations site in Tebellong and the new development at Maphutseng as it progresses.

Food Security

The important role of the World Food Programme and Growing Nations in Lesotho.


The effect of HIV/AIDS is clear to see throughout Lesotho.